Hi there!
I'm writing here because I've got a problem with Zenon WebClient.
We have deployed Zenon in an AD Domain and the standard Domain user cannot install the Zenon WebClient on their pc for safety.
The problem is that I can't go to all PC where people are using Zenon and Update Zenon WebClient every time, so I'm asking a suggestion:
  • Is there any command line arguments for Zenon WebClient installer so we can install them by Microsoft SCCM ? Usually via SCCM is installed an msi package, but webclient is present only as MSI. Is there a solution?
  • The second option is to use a Terminal Server (Windows 2012 R2 Build 9600), the problem is that when a user connect to the server via RDP Zenon Webclient recognize the machine name as the TS Server itselfs, so the first user who connects is able to open Zenon, the second cannot connect because the TS Server try to connect to the Master RT with the same Machine name. Is there a solution for this?

Can someone help me?
Thanks and best regards

Zenon 7.50 Build 25796
Zenon WebClient Pro 7.50 Build 25796