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    Reden Camera Feeds


    I want to put 4 ethernet camera feeds onto a picture, I have added 4 Navigate control elements, but when I use a function to load the picture, I can only add one ip address, and this works with one of the navigate control elements.


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    In this case you would need to create 4 templates in the appropriate size, and create a HTML picture for each template. Using 4 functions to call each of the 4 pictures, you can specify different IP-Addresses. You could then "group" these functions in a script create a function to execute the script. In the runtime all 4 pictures are opened.

    If you define the size of the templates correctly and use the same colors, it is not visible that there are actually 4 open HTML pictures. For the user it appears like one picture.

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    Thanks Mark, I will give it a try.

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    Is there any possibility how to view online Camera on zenon CE version?


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    not as far as I know. The zenon HTML picture and the zenon video picture are not available on Windows CE.

    Probably also getting a driver for a Webcam attached to a CE device for the CE operating system would be hard.

    If the camera manufacturer offers an ActiveX control to show the camera picture, and this ActiveX control is also avaiable for Windows CE, this might be a possibility.

    Windows XP Embedded should offer all the functionality to show camera pictures inside zenon.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am having necessity to show camera shots on the screen. This project runs with the Zenon 6.51 SP1 at WinCE6.0
    The camera produce HTML page with the address line http:///peeklive.html
    The value of I have as the variable from PLC. How can I program the screen behavior to have HTML screen opened with different for the different lines by avoiding to make it hardcoded?
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