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Thread: Problem with OPC Connection

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    Default Problem with OPC Connection

    I try to connect to a remote running OPC server from Prosys (

    In the driver configuration I click the button (...) next to opc server name, then choose the server pc and and the servername. The name of the server is now correctly displayed in the driver dialog configuration (e.g. \\MyServerPCName\MyOPCServer) I uncheck the identification checkbox now the "Browser"-tab appears.

    But if open this tab the datagrid which hold the variables stays empty.

    If the server and and zenon are running on the same machine all variables are appearing normally.

    What could be the problem?

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    Default Re: Problem with OPC Connection

    As mentioned in the documentation (Tools -> OPC Server -> The advantages of the OPC technology -> Network capability and Internet/Intranet):

    "Beside COM technology OPC also uses DCOM ( Distributed COM ), in order to gain network capability . So not only data sources (OPC servers) existing on the local PC but all servers of the network are available as remote data sources . Distributed operating stations, multi-station systems access to distributed data sources, no problem for OPC. The OPC clients do not even recognize, whether it is a remote or a local data source . OPC resp . DCOM hides the difference. "

    Also check at the documentation of the driver (OPC Client):

    If the OPC server does not support the IOPCBrowserServerAddress interface, no browser list can be displayed.

    So it will only work if your OPC Server is installed localy.


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