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    flajoso Gast

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    Hi all,

    i trying to do something like this:

    in the runtime i want the user to insert a start time and an end time in two time format internal variables - ok

    then i want to compare that interval with the "system time" to trigger a bit.

    I'm doing this already with the scheduler, but i would like to make it more simple to the user, just to input boxs with start and end time, without choosing variable and so on.
    What would you suggest? How can i have an internal variable with the system time so that i could compare it? Can i compare it with math driver? or rema?


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    From my point of view the easiest way to accomplish this is doing it via VBA. Of course it would be somehow possible to make the comparision with mathematic variables and if the result has certain value to trigger the following action via a REMA. But as already mentioned this is not a very handy way (also via scheduler).

    You simply would read via VBA the value of the 2 variables, calculating the interval and compare it with the system time -> format(now).

    Note: if you are using zenOn version >= 6.22 the variable has to be advised (and also a valid value) in order to read the value via VBA

    Maybe someone else has a better idea?


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    if you are just looking for an easier "frontend" for the scheduler by letting the user enter two values into two variables, VBA is probably the best way. You could of course also modfiy the schedule of the scheduler by VBA, depending on the time input of the user in the variables, and let the execution of the trigger itself be handled by the scheduler.

    You would otherwise periodically would need to execute the VBA macro and compare it, to start the trigger.

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