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Thread: Function scripts can not delete

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    Default Function scripts can not delete

    I got some function scripts can not be delete.
    After that It seem cause new function can not work.
    My zenon is 6.50
    Could you please help?


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    Default Re: Function scripts can not delete

    I'm suspecting that your project in Editor may be partially corrupted. You may try to save from this project as much as possible doing following:
    1. create project backup
    2. restore this backup as new project (is a checkbox in restore dialog)

    The version 6.50 is already few years old an not actively supported. I'm recommending you to update - at least Editor - to newest one - 7.20 or soon - 7.50. If you don't want to update zenon installations on Runtime PCs, then you can design/update project in newest Editor and then compile the project to the older version.

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    Default Re: Function scripts can not delete

    I backup project (6.50 ) and restore as new project (7.20 demo).
    I deleted the function script that it did not work , and I do not need it
    After that I create runtime for 6.50 but I got some error warning.
    Could you give me your idea about it

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    Default AW: Function scripts can not delete

    Hi Skywalker.

    The error message shown indicates an editor crash. This has to be analyzed by the official support.
    Would you please forward that information to your local zenon support, they will take care of that request.
    Please attach the rar file and in addition please also send them the project backup which you created in 6.50.


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