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Thread: Data acquisition from 3 different PLC

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    Frage Data acquisition from 3 different PLC

    I'm not aware that how to collect the data from 3 different PLC, main problem is that how to separate these data in separate reports(separate batch reports). Also it is same for event and alarm report.
    I'm using zenon 7.20

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    Default Re: Data acquisition from 3 different PLC

    Dear surajbhosale09,

    The first step will be to stablish communication with the different PLCs, and define the variables you want to collect from each of them.

    Then, you can create reports/filters for this specific data. You have different ways of filtering, you can even create alarm groups, areas, ...

    You can find more information on the help, on the topics Drivers, Report, AML or CEL.

    I recommend you to contact your local support for further information.


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