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Thread: MessageControl sms log error

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    Default MessageControl sms log error


    In zenOn log I find error messages of control module.

    Module: MessageControl
    Message level: ERRORS
    Name of source file: .\Message32\SmsHelper.cpp
    Function name: CComSmsManager::Connect or CComSmsManager::ReadSms

    I think I not have the message control module.
    Is there a workspace property to be disabled?

    Best reguard,
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    Dear galax,

    Which zenon version do you have? This error means that the serial port cannot be opened.

    If you do not want to use Message Control, you can deactivate all the sending modes on the properties of your workspace. Just go to your Workspace properties --> Message Control --> and deselect the "Sending mode active" properties

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: MessageControl sms log error

    Thanks for the reply Steffi,

    I disabled the option in the workspace properties.Everything seems to be in order.

    Best regards,

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