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Thread: Zenon client in OWS (Operator Work Station) not running from Server

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    Default Zenon client in OWS (Operator Work Station) not running from Server

    I have a server client configuration two servers one master and one standby four client running successfully but one client no display any data only shows blue dot when i go to help it shows it is because of network error but i can ping the server from workstation if i run the run time locally it works fine but if i start run time from server as a client it shows blue dot.

    Can you please guys guide me how I can troubleshoot this problem.

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

    Default Re: Zenon client in OWS (Operator Work Station) not running from Server


    That is right, blue dot does indicate that the runtime cannot reach the runtime server.
    From the client with blue dots, please try to ping the runtime server (master) via its hostname. So use the command ping myserver1 where myserver1 is the name of your running primary zenon server. You can also use for example ping -4 myserver1 , the -4 switch forces an IPv4 ping by hostname.

    The zenon network communication is via hostname, so there must be name resolution either with a DNS server, or via hosts file entries. The communication from zenon runtime client to zenon runtime server occurs with the process started automatically with the runtime called zenNetSrv. zenNetSrv by default communicates over TCP Port 1100. Make sure that is not blocked on any firewalls.

    Also, you may want to verify that your client is starting the actual project you intend it to start. The most reliable way to do that is to open you Editor, and the project. Then just simply use Remote Transport to transfer the runtime files to the client, and use the function called "set remote start project". That sets that client to start the project which you had just transferred.

    p.s. There is a COPA-DATA youtube channel which has some tutorial videos about the zenon network functionality too.

    COPA-DATA youtube videos:


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