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Thread: [C#] Data types defined by user

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    I defined data type editor (array, structure) TimeTicks with two fields (variables) of type String.
    Then, I created a new type of variable (TimeTicks) called myVar.
    How now access this variable from c #?

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    Hi, the best way to learn the object model you visit a zenon programming training from Copa-Data :-)

    What do you want exactly. Access from editor or runtime?

    In C# you can read or write the variable in the runtime like this:

    zenOn.IVariable zVar;

    zVar = this.Variables().Item("TimeTicks[1].Time")

    string tmp = zVar.get_Value(0); //read

    zVar.set_Value(0,tmp); //write

    zVar = null;

    But you have only access if the variable are advised. You can advise the variable with a online container or the variable is on a open picture. Another way set the property "dde active". You find very usefull information in the online help from Editor under programming interface ->object model
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