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    Hello all,

    I have question regarding Modbus RTU serial, I need to import the registers of a meter to zenon via rs485, do I have to use the zenon straton sub program and if yes what are the procedures? knowing that I am new to this program. I tried to communicate through modbus serial but there is a communication error I made sure the communication parameters are correct and zenon runtime is on.


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    in both products: in zenon and in zenon Logic, there are Modbus master drivers able to communicate serial. To use MODRTU driver in zenon you do not need to use zenon Logic.

    Without any details about your settings and your device, it is very hard to guess what could be wrong. From my experience i can only say that the most frequent mistake by configuring MODRTU driver is to set Net Address = 0. This shall be the Slave ID of your device, not 0. Slave ID = 0 means in Modbus protocol a broadcast.

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    The problem I face is when I link serial Modbus registers ( variables) to buttons a red dot comes up at the upper right corner of the button box, this is the meter specs Entes meter mpr 53s BD 9600 RS485 addr 1, no parity, I set the addr to 1 and offset depending on the register Modbus map.


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    hey again,

    One more thing I also got this message The simulation project of driver 'MODRTU32' - 'Modbus RTU and Open Modbus TCP' is not compiled.

    can you please help

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