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Thread: Screen setup runtime

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    Lächeln Screen setup runtime


    We have setup screen/Monitor administration , Properly

    We have the following screen when we start runtime from the editor, this PC also the same problem on remote client, Attached screen shot ..

    This setup is for 3 monitors (5760X1080) -summation of all screens
    with same resolutions, We see white bars on bottom,

    But this problem is solved when we start the both runtimes at same time - remote client and the runtime for the PC then its working fine. if we start only one, either remote or the local PC the Runtime display is as like attached,

    Don't know what is the issue, Can you please check try and check this.

    Iam unable to upload to due to resolution limits, I have attached Zip File
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Default Re: Screen setup runtime

    Do you have a autostart script for Client?
    Because it seems like the screenswitch Funktion is not executed

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