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    I'm programming at the moment a Sicam 230 System and I have a question concerning the recommended way to program Operator Warnings:

    At the moment, for my 220kV Circuit Breakers, I have created an object in the Symbol Library. This object contains a Combined Element and a Command Element.

    With an Action on the Command Element, a Command Screen is called to control the breaker.

    Now, our customer asked for 2 specific circuit breakers to show an Operator Warning when pressing the ON button.

    At the moment, I tried to use the VBA LeftClickUp Event of the Command Element to activate a VBA Macro. In this Macro a msgbox is called.

    I noticed that when I do that, the VBA macro is called correctly, but the Command Screen is not called any more.

    Is there a way to make this work?

    Also, the VBALectClickUp as always executed, even when the operator hasn't logged in to the system.

    I also tried to program 2 actions on 1 Command Element, but that doesn't seem to work either.

    Or is there a better way to program this?

    Best regards,

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    Sicam 230 is using own command processing module.
    Without VBA: maybe you have also in Sicam - like in zenon - a possibility to define additional interlocking conditions. In zenon such condition may be linked to action (right-click) and is basing on additional variables X01... Variables are to attached in command group. The action then checks the condition and may produce an interlocking text - written in command screen element. Then only when the user acknowledges this message he may continue to execute the action. As interlocking variable you may take some intern variable having always value of condition. In zenon also for interlocking variables the wildcard '*' may be used.

    VBA: when you are linking macro to an event then make sure that in this macro code you are - at the end - then calling the event, e.g.:
    Public Sub LeftClickUp_Schalter(obElem As Element)
    End Sub

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    Default Re: Operator Warnings

    and let me make an small remark about usability

    When in your project there will be a message "are you sure?" opening always when a user makes some action - any user, after 3th time, will be no reading this message anymore and automatically click yes.

    A method to prevent accidental switching is not a fix message, it is the use of "two-hands" action property. Then the user must hold [Ctrl] key while click on On/Off button, the risk of accidental trigger is very low.

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