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Thread: Zenon ENERGY Edition and Runtime

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    Default Zenon ENERGY Edition and Runtime

    Hai Friends,
    I hope everybody doing well.
    I have one Power System Automation Project and using Zenon 7.20 energy edition editor and runtime license.
    Please find below my list quires, I need your support and suggestion to resolve the issues and satisfy the customer.
    1) Customer is asking MWH and MVAHR in SCADA system. Some of IEDs are providing MWH and MVARH directly from the IEDs and some of the IED are not providing. Please give your suggestion to achieve the requirement.
    2) Breaker Animation: I have two separate variables, one variable for Breaker Open status and another Variable for Closed status, but I have to show four state of animations. I am using combine element and using formula to show four state animations. While creating formula, I am getting error. How can I achieve the requirement in combine element?
    3) Alarm Area: One of a screen is ALARM screen in my project. I couldn’t get ‘Alarm Area’ in Alarm Area Colum in the Alarm Screen. Provide your idea about how to get the Alarm area in Alarm screen.
    4) Monitor Setting: I have two monitor setting. V00 Monitor is for Main Screen (Like SLD and Other screens) and V01 Monitor is specially for Annunciator screen . I can see the main screen in 23” monitor , But I couldn’t see annunciator screen in the 55” monitor. What could be the reason? Please provide your suggestions to make correct configuration.
    5) Customer is asking that Max.Real Power (3 Phase), Time stamped and Min. Real Power (3 Phase), Time stamped for every 6 hours shift report. How can I achieve the shift report with time stamped, need suggestion to configure and achieve the customer’s requirement?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Braker Four State animation.jpg   Alarm Area Issue.jpg   Monitor Setting Issue.jpg   Monitor Setting Issue1.jpg   Monitor Setting Issue2.jpg  

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    Hi Friend We are looking for valuable supports.

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    Actually this Forum is a free platform for info exchange between any user of zenon, not the same as official Support. Especially by complex questions and general project planning you would better contact your local COPA-DATA Support, officially; send project backup and - for questions about monitor administration - your zenon6.ini file too.

    ad1) you would have to extend data model of IEDs (are these IEC61850 devices? then the system engineer, not you, shall update the SCD-file and all devices to fulfill the system demands). An 850-Client - like iec850 driver in zenon - cannot change the data model of an 850-Server. This can only the 850-Server (IED) with right SCL-file.
    If these devices cannot be updated but they are delivering the data via other items or other protocols - you can map this process data between Client-Server, or even between different protocols - in zenon Logic.

    ad2) Just to write "I am getting error" is too less info to even try to guess what is wrong - what error? You write " I am using combine element and using formula to show four state animations" but on screenshot i see that you are not using Formula, only States
    States are acting only on main (X01) variable. To act on X02 variable you have to click [Formula...] (button visible on your screenshot) and define it there; not the checkboxes. In Help are examples.
    Be careful if you are planning to then control (give commands to this breaker) using Command Processing. By click on a screen element you can call only action acting on main variable. If you are planning to use Command Processing better take an Energy Training before you continue to work on the project.

    BTW, a combi-element is not an Energy topic, is general or engineering topic. Command Processing is Energy, but anyway you have better chances that someone will give you a fast answer if you put only one topic info one post.

    ad3) hmm, have you defined alarm areas in your project, linked areas by variable limits/linked reaction matrixes etc.? It looks like missing projecting.
    BTW, it is not an Energy topic, is general and very hard to analyze without a project backup. A clear case for official Support.

    ad4) you probably forgot to define in zenon6.ini the entries for monitor administration (e.g. RT_CXMAINFRAME...), and/or configure in screen switch function where it opens the screen, and/or places screen on wrong frame etc. I suppose on this Forum - in other threads - and in the zenon Help you can find more hints and/or examples.
    BTW, it is not an Energy topic, is general or display.

    ad5) i don't know what you mean: the time stamps received from IED or the time of end of shift? Do you want on report to have the list of all values or only a sum/min/max?
    The process data coming from IEDs you can store into archives (Historian) and aggregate periodically, e.g. you can configure your Historian to keep a capsule open 6 hours and then close it and produce a following (second stage - aggregate) archive with min/max/sum/avg of the last period. The archived data can be used for trends, to prepare reports in report generator or report viewer etc. But in planning it you would have to take care to not produce too large capsules and not too many; projecting depends on you process data.
    BTW, it is not an Energy topic, is general or engineering. Or maybe zenon Analyzer would be interesting for you?

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    Default Re: Zenon ENERGY Edition and Runtime

    Thank you for your kind support ursula, I will take your suggestion and will implement in my project.

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