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Thread: IEC 60870-5-103 command & response

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    Unglücklich IEC 60870-5-103 command & response

    How to create a command with a variable is double indication and double command.
    In IEC103, value OFF, ON is 1, 2, not 0, 1 and I can not active write set values.
    I have created a command but could not. I using the SIEMENS 7SJ62 relay.

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    Hi softvn,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!

    From your screenshot, I can see that the driver object type is set to MONITORING. Please try and change this to "COMMAND"

    After changing this, you could try first, to remove the command group and write directly to the variable.

    When direct writing is working correctly, you can then configure the command input by linking the command group at the command variable and the response variable and configuring the command groups accordingly.

    Best regards,

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