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Thread: "Invalid" data in ETM

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    After compiling Zenon 7.00 sp0 project (I added one tag to screen) I started runtime and on trend window there is no value in value table for period after start when I switch on Cursor, but trends are normal, changing all the time. Datas are valid, but when switch on cursor in the value table there is invalid value (explanation on picture in attachment) for period after start. I try to compile again project but without result. I try to export all historian to .xml and import again, then compile project, without result. On the end I restore an older backup, but nothing. I try to export archives in .csv format to see what is in database, in exported document in record there is a normal value for this tag (Valid with value, date and time).

    Can you give an answer hot to fix this problem with cursor?
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    Hello Anemet,

    There are several reasons why there could be invalid data in the Trend. Invalid data showing in your trend, does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the Trend itself. In-fact, the trend exactly does its job by pointing out a problem somewhere else.

    The Trend is simply displaying what the Historian records.
    The Historian records, simply what it gets from the driver.

    So invalid data is more of a question of driver and communications, rather than trend. The Historian will always record the value, timestamp, and status for each variable in the archive. The question to ask yourself is why the driver reports the invalid status on some occasions. This is what you want to look into.

    Restarting the zenon runtime, or reverting to an older project backup will not remove the historical data with an invalid status.
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    I see a real true in your reply. Even i had the same issue with data interpretation. Thanks for sharing the information here.

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