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Thread: Sample project to open a .pdf file / .jpg file

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    Default Sample project to open a .pdf file / .jpg file

    this sample project backup (created with zenon 6.22 SP0) shows how to open a .pdf file (in the acrobat reader) or a .jpg file in the HTML window, depending on the value of a variable.

    Opening the acrobat reader (function "start program") or showing the HTML window with a .jpg file as a graphic (function "picture switch") is done by VBA. Prior to executing the function, the function parameter is changed according to the value of the variable "Article".

    This allows for adding new .jpg / .pdf files to be opened in the runtime, without the need to make any modifications to the project in the editor.

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    christian.hayna Gast

    Default Note about unexpected behaviour when opening PDFs using Acrobat Reader 10 or 11 in the HTML screen of zenon

    Using Acrobat Reader 10 or 11, there is some unexpected behaviour when opening a pdf over the html screen with zenon:

    1. If the "Protected Mode" of Acrobat Reader 10 and 11 active (and it is active standardly), the pdf is not visible after the first opening in the HTML screen in zenon.
    To make it visible, the opening has to be done again or someone has to click within the pdf in the screen.

    Solution: Deactivate the "Protected Mode" in the Adobe Reader.

    2. If an pdf is opened using the zenon HTML screen and Acrobat Reader 10 AND if the regional settings of the PC where changed so that "," and "." are interchanged, THEN some zenon parts does not accept changes in decimal places. (Happened for example in the RGM)

    Solution: Use Acrobat Reader 9 or 11 instead

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