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Thread: Get Cureent Event Logged in CEL

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    Default Get Cureent Event Logged in CEL


    I want to get the current event logged in CEL in message box.Message box should describe Timestamp,Text,Variable name,Logged in User.
    Please help how to get the Current CEL event.

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    Hi jwick8801,

    It is not a good idea to display message boxes during runtime, as these can be blocking and would affect your runtime system.

    What would be possible, is to fetch CEL events and write the value to an internal variable in the runtime.

    As this can cause a big load on the system if many CEL events are created or even an "endless loop" if writing variable values via the API is logged in the event list, you should consider carefully how you are going to do this.

    Can you tell a bit more about what exactly you want to achieve?

    Best regards,

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