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    How do I stop the flashdisk from running out of space with alarm/event logs?
    I just want a circular alarm and event display of approx 50 items.
    I do not need to keep these archived.
    How do I achieve this?

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    assuming you are using zenon 6.20 SP4 or higher, you can set this behaviour in the properties window for the project for both the Alarmlist and the CEL seperately.

    please check in the properties window the group "alarm message list" -> Data storage AML -> save alarm data -> only ring buffer.

    The ringbuffer is saved when the runtime closes, but you can also explicitely save the ringbuffer on disk, by executing the zenon rt function "AML-CEL save ringbuffer". (e.g. when an alarm arrives)

    The size of the ringbuffer can be configured both for AML and CEL seperately here as well.

    As an alternative, you could use the zenon rt function "file operation" to delete *.aml or *.cel files older than e.g. two weeks by executing this function using the time control or the scheduler.

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