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Thread: Extended curves - Frame Specific Functions

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    bastien Gast

    Default Extended curves - Frame Specific Functions

    Good afternoon.

    I'm working on Zenon 7.20 and I wanted to apply graphic files to extended curves's frame specific buttons, to make them more "user-friendly".

    The problem is, if you press the "start" button for example, and the trends are displayed, the play button is then grey (as if locked).

    I don't want to show text on my buttons because I want them to be quiet small.

    I'd like to find a way to make my graphic files either grey or invisible.
    For example, the graphic file assigned to the play button should be grey / locked, when the trends are playing.

    Has someone any idea ?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Default Re: Extended curves - Frame Specific Functions


    You can do this with different way:
    For example two options:
    You Change the Fill Color different fill color of the element
    And if is function lock color are Grey.
    Or with intern variable you can visibility the Button.


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