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Thread: Zenon MultiUser issue

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    I've a problem with multiuser feature. I have been making changes to multiuser project, when SQL server on my client machine stopped working. Project server uses separate PC.

    I manage to repair it by removing and installing ZENON_2012 instance once again. Now when I try to accept changes I cannot do that. ZENON shows message that Variables are locked by another user, but user in message window point to me. Looks like, when I reinstalled SQL instance, I got new ID. Now I cannot do anything to accept changes.

    Is there a way to force ZENON to accept or reject changes, so I can start working on it again ?

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    Hi mmiencu,

    When you uninstalled and installed the SQL server again, the local project copy on the multi-user client was lost. On the multi-user server an entry for this client still remained.

    After you have inserted the multi-user project on the multi-user client again a second entry was made for this client on the multi-user server.

    In general, uninstalling and reinstalling the SQL server is not necessary and often causes more troubles.

    While these issues can be repaired manually, the process is not straight forward.

    Please contact your local COPA-DATA support for help how to remove the existing client copy on the multi-user server so that you can check out and check in your changes again.

    Best regards,

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