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Thread: zenOn 7.20 (SQL Service Starting)

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    Default zenOn 7.20 (SQL Service Starting)


    I am trying to install zenOn 7.20 SP0 on my laptop. I am using Windows 7 Professional SP1 Operating System.

    Installation progress remains at SQL Service Starting and does not go beyond that.

    Could you please tell me the possible cause of this?

    Appreciate your support.

    Salman Hassan
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    Did you receive an Error Code/Message or cancel the zenon setup on that part of the installation?

    Troubleshooting for installation issues:
    • Verify that all available Windows Updates are installed and deactivate “Automatic Windows Updates”
    • Verify that Administrator rights are available on the PC
    • Temporarily disable any Firewall software
    • Temporarily disable any Antivirus software


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