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Thread: Which OS for the zenon webclient?

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    Default Which OS for the zenon webclient?

    Which OS supports the zenon webclient?
    The zenon webclient, like the normal zenon runtime, requires a Microsoft Windows based operating system and requires some components of the Visual C++ runtime library (installed with the webclient)

    So it will not run on Linux, MAC OS X or other non Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    The Webclient is also not available for PDAs or smartphones with Windows Mobile or a Windows CE terminal.

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    Default Re: Which OS for the zenon webclient?

    Hi markclemens,

    Have you already a plan to develop the zenon webclient for Linux ?

    Our manage doesn't like Windows at all. But he want to use the zenon webclient to supervise our system. He told me if you have not any intention to develop a webclient for Linux, I should try to find another product to rebuild our SCADA supervision...

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    The zenon WebClient is based on an ActiveX control. The ActiveX control is a Microsoft technology that is used to add functionality to Windows programs. ActiveX is only available on Windows operating systems, and as a result webpages that require it will not work on Linux or Mac.

    A possible workaround for your manager would be to install a Virtual Machine with Windows installed. When he/she want to see whats going on in zenon he/she simply would start the VM and thus also the zenon WebClient on demand.


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