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    I am attending to use Zenon energy edition for management of a power pant. Power plant includes 5 turbo-generators. I reviewed EMS module in Zenon and could not find any function related to active power sharing, reactive power sharing, Generator control, Transformer tap changer control and any other function related to control of a power plant connected to a grid.
    Does anyone can conduct me to find such functions? Is Zenon a good solution for this job?

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    Sorry for confusing
    This zenon Module - former called EMS - we renamed to "Load Management" - the old name was causing. The Load Management module is not specially for Energy customers, rather for production facilities; it takes care that the production does not consume more power as temporally available (according a contract with power provider).

    There is no particular module to achieve with zenon EMS functionalities - ways to do this and demanded solutions are very individual, not possible to generalize. Using zenon you can create - design, using different zenon features, connectivity etc. - the EMS system like you need.

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