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Thread: CEL and AML goes blank

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    nurul Gast

    Default CEL and AML goes blank

    Hi mark,

    My CEL goes blank so quickly(30mins). I've run a test on my desktop.
    I also created a new CEL and AML to see the different with the old one.(collegues got problem CEL, after creating the new CEL it's happen to b ok). 6signals have been simulate in order to get the result (3 alarms and 3 events). I witnessed the dissapearing of the event list one by one.. The text will changed to gray colour one by one from white. When I click to another button(say AML) and clicking back to Event List once again..all the events are gone!
    I found the .CEL archive and .AML archive in the folder. I can filter all events from file.

    For your information: I am using zenOn 6.21 Sp1. And this project is running on Windows Xp Touch Screen.


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    Unfortunately, I do not exactly understand what your problem is. Per default, the CEL (Chronologic Event List or Audit Trail) is always on. This means, that system messages are always logged. Also, if configured, set value actions or alarms, user login, recipe changes etc. etc. are automatically logged.

    As with the alarm window, you open the CEL with a picture switch function, where you define a filter.

    If the filter is set to "from memory", only the latest entries from the memory will be shown. If new entries arrive, the old entries will automatically move into the historical CEL. The size of this ringbuffer can be configured. (how many entries will stay in memory)

    If you for example have a text filter active and only show specific entries, and in the background the CEL is filled up with many other entries, your entries may appear few due to the filter, but actually there are many entries and the ringbuffer was full and the entries you are viewing are moved to the historical entries.

    You can also set a time filter at the picture switch function. If you are only showing the last 10 minutes, then of course the entries will also not be shown anymore. after some time.

    I would recommend you to check your filter settings at the picture switch function.

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    I just saw your other post in the off-topic forum. Looking at your screenshots, I could see that you are filtering only the last hour. Also the size of the historical CEL file is quite large. I suspect that there are many many CEL entries, which are filtered out by your current filter setting, which cause the entries you are viewing to move from the ringbuffer (in memory) to the historical files.

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