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Thread: Use of Zénon Operator ?

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    Default Use of Zénon Operator ?

    I want to develop a module based on Zénon but i wonder i should use Supervisor or Operator. In fact, this module should communicate through Modbus TCP with 2 other Modbus servers and shall implement himself a Modbus Server. Can i use Zénon Operator for that ?
    Thanks !

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    Default AW: Use of Zénon Operator ?

    Hi florian,

    zenon already offers a functionality of zenon Modbus Slave (Server) - "Process Gateway", please consider following chapter of the documentation (help):
    Manual -> Process Gateway -> MODBUS Slave
    so there is not need, to implement it by yourself.

    In such situation, you should usually consider following manual (help) chapter:
    Manual -> zenon Operator -> Restrictions for the zenon Operator

    Unfortunately, Process Gateway functionality is not available for zenon Operator license.

    Nevertheless, I would suggest you to contact with your local sales representative - who can help you to choose appropriate license.


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