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Thread: Extended trend - archive data

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    I am trying to plot a historic trend for three tags. All three tags belong to the same archive.One tags value will be changing continuously(tag1) but the other two remains almost constant(tag2 and tag3).
    When i see this trend in Runtime i can see that its plotting the tag1 but the other two tags value is not plotted. and when i enable the cursor i see the instantaneous value only for tag1 and other two tags are blank.

    Is this because of some variable setting ? i am unable to find why the trend is not plotting these variables. Can you please suggest how to proceed?


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    The trend can draw a curve only if there is some data recorded about the particular variable for displaying period (actually in these ARX files which trend opens looking for data for the display period).

    So when Historian is recording data not cyclically but 'on change' and a variable typically keeps the same value for longer as Historian saving interval - then you should activate setting 'save process image during start'. This will assure that in each ARX file at least one value of seldom changing variable is stored too.

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