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Thread: error on restoring a project backup

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    Default error on restoring a project backup

    When restoring a project backup, I get the following error in the editor:

    "restore project backup failed". When I open the diagnosis viewer, I can see the following entry:

    DBSRV:Error ExecuteNonQuery Error:The command contained one or more errors.RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.~SQLState is 42000~Error code is 3013Too many backup devices specified for backup or restore; only 64 are allowed.~SQLState is 42000~Error code is 3205 Execute command failed. Errorcode:128

    What could be causing this? Other projects are working perfectly.
    The reason could be, that this project was created in a zenon version based on a SQL Express 2005 database (typically, zenon 6.21 and higher) and now an attempt was made to restore this project backup to a MSDE database (typically zenon 6.01 or zenon 6.20)

    Generally, an SQL backup created with SQL Express 2005 can not be restored anymore in SQL Server 2000 (MSDE).

    Also it could be that, after manual changes, the current 6.22 is still using the old MSDE database. This can be checked by using the zenon startup tool. Select an option, choose properties and click on "read zendb.ini". The current database connection for this entry should be displayed.

    MSSQL$ZENON is typical for a MSDE. SQL Server (ZENON_DEV) is typical for SQL Express 2005.

    Also by double clicking the field "Error text" in the diagnosis viewer, you can see the connection string, which shows the database being used. (this does not show up when automatically resizing the column width)

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    Default Re: error on restoring a project backup

    but how can i config the msde in zenon6.50 and other?

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    Default Re: error on restoring a project backup

    Hi zhangbb,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Although technically it is possible to use the older MSDE also with zenon 6.50 or zenon 6.51, officially this is not supported. Also functionality is not guaranteed or tested.

    It is strongly recommended, that you use the SQL Server 2005 server instance with 6.50 / 6.51 that is automatically installed when you install zenon.

    Can I ask why you seek to use MSDE with zenon 6.50? Even if you would point zenon 6.5x to use the MSDE instead of the SQL Server 2005, you still need to convert existing projects and cannot edit them any longer with an older version!

    If you have an older version of zenon, that is still using MSDE (e.g. 6.20), you can create a project backup in the 6.20, and then restore this project backup in the newer version (e.g. 6.51) that is installed on the same PC.

    The project backup of the old version is automatically restored in the SQL Server 2005 installed with zenon 6.51, and after that, the project itself is converted to be edited with zenon 6.51.


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    Default Re: error on restoring a project backup

    thanks,i know what you mean.
    because i had a big reversed meanings before this time,so i think the new version software can't open the old project. I make a fault.

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