I want to do the next but I do not find the good way to do it:

1- I have a RGM with a lot of variables.
2- I create a screen with screentype recipegroup manager and I create several buttons.
3- When I press button READ ALL VALUES -- I read all the values which are in my RGM.

Until here, no problem. My problem comes when I want to write.
I do not want to write all values from my RGM and I do not want to select variable per variable.
What I really want is:
1- Define several group of variables.
GROUP 1 - variable 1 and variable 2
GROUP 2 - variable 3 and variable 4
GROUP 3 - variable 5 and variable 6
GROUP 4 - variable 7 and variable 8

2- Select (in RT) the recipe from RGM that I want (it is possible I have several possibilities)
3-Later, with 4 checkbox, select which groups I want to write.
4- Write the variables.

How can I do it??? I was trying to do it through VBA but I cannot achieve any good result.
Can you help me??