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    Dear supports!

    I want to execute some code depending the selected entry number of a listbox. I'm already able to execute a VSTA macro in listbox properties, but I want to do it access in VSTA! ( I don't want 14690 macro to manage the listbox ).

    Secondary question, I found "zenOn.SelectionChangedEventHandler" but I don't find the event. Can you tell me the linked name event ?

    For example I used :

    this.Alarm().AlarmListSelectionChanged += new zenOn.AlarmListSelectionChangedEventHandler(ThisProject_AlarmListSelectionChanged);

    AlarmListSelectionChanged => Event
    AlarmListSelectionChangedEventHandler => Handler

    Best regards,

    Varnizy Loan.

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    Well I found, but I'm still looking for some informations about zenOn.SelectionChangedEventHandler !

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    this event is available for the AML and the CEL only (not for any other list controls)
    -> it is triggered if i.e. in the AML an alarm is selected where then the given alarm object is handed over

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    what exactly are you doing with your listbox?
    For the case you are talking about the zenon listbox element, maybe you can use the functionality described in the manual at:
    Manual -> Screens -> Screen elements -> Combo/List Box -> Dynamic combobox or list box

    Basically your list box entries are defined by a semicolon separated string. When selecting an entry the variable linked to the listbox is set to the selection, which means you would get a "VariableChange" Event of an OnlineVariable (search the forum for more details on OnlineVariables)


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