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Thread: How to Access a from inside a dll from zenon editor

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    Default How to Access a from inside a dll from zenon editor

    Hello every body,

    I have developed a dll and embeded it in zenon with ActiveX element.
    Now I want to open a form which I placed in dll project dy clicking on the element in zenon editor.
    Can I do it by using Reflection? The dll project has been developed with C# in VS 2010.

                        Object myObject = obElement.AktiveX();
                        Type myType = myObject.GetType();
                        MethodInfo Method = myType.GetMethod("ShowOptions");
                        Method.Invoke(myObject, null);

    Actually ShowOptions method is a method that makes an instance of the form and shows the form.

    I wrote this code but it doesn't work!
    Is there another way to do it?


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    Default Re: How to Access a from inside a dll from zenon editor


    First of all, I never did that in the Editor, I always just used ActiveX elements in the runtime.

    I guess Reflection should work fine (or at least I don't see why it shouldn't work.

    Is ShowOptions static?
    Is there an instance? Just because you get the type doesn't mean that there is an object behind it. You could call the constructor with this code:

    ConstructorInfo someObjectConstructor = myType.GetConstructor(Type.EmptyTypes);
    object myInstance = someObjectConstructor.Invoke(new object[]{});

    It's maybe a good idea to put it in a Try/Catch Block so you find out which kind of exception is thrown (or take a look in the Debug window if you attached a debugger).

    best regards,

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