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Thread: How to set the symbolic address????

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    Default How to set the symbolic address????


    I am able to create Variables in an open Zenon Editor. Unfortunately I can't find any property which has the name SymbAddr (like NetAddr or BitAddr).

    How can I set the symbolic address in a subitem??

    Here is my code...

    // add variable to the zenon editor
                    zVariable = zProject.Variables()
                        .CreateVar(sVariableName, pDriver, tpKanaltypes.tpSPSMerker, pVarType);

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    Default Re: How to set the symbolic address????

    I i couldn't really test it yet but it may be possible to set it via the dynProperties

    A lot of properties which are not shown in the IDE may be set through DynProperties. A good way to find out which properties are present is to Export e.g. the variable as XML and the check which Properties are in there. In your case SymAddr should be available, im just not sure if it is settable or readonly.

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