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Thread: Diagnosis server TCP port 1101 is already used

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    Default Diagnosis server TCP port 1101 is already used

    I have a problem on my PC where the diagnosis server (zensyssrv.exe) writes an error in the log-file "bind error 10048". The start of the editor and the runtime is very slow, and both these applications try to connect to the tcp port 1101 on the localhost. The diagnosis server tries to open the listening socket 1101, however this is where already a SQL server from another application is listening. How can I change the listening port for the diagnosis server on the one side, and the port the diagnosis clients, like the zenon editor and runtime, connect to, on the other side?
    You can do this by adding the following entry to the "zenon6.ini" file in the %CD_SYSTEM% directory. After a reboot of the PC, the zensyssrv.exe should open port 1105 instead of 1101, and also all diagnosis clients should connect to this port 1105. You can change the port number in this configuration string to any free port number on your system. You should change both ports simultaneously.

    CONFIG = DEVICE=TCP/IP; HOST=localhost; PORT=1105; TIMEOUT=10;
    LOG_CONFIG = DEVICE=TCP/IP; HOST=localhost; PORT=1105; TIMEOUT=10;

    Of course, when you try to connect from another PC to this PC with either the diagnosis viewer, or remote transport, you would have to adapt the port number to connect to on the other PC in the remote transport settings or in the diagnosis viewer.

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    Default Re: Diagnosis server TCP port 1101 is already used

    in this situation, it can also be that the process "zensyssrv.exe" is started multiple times on the PC. Each zenon process trying to connect to port 1101, will start it's own zensyssrv.exe if this fails after a timeout.

    In most cases a reboot will solve the problem, however if some application is permanently using the default port 1101 of the zensyssrv.exe, the default port of the zensyssrv.exe must be changed.

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