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    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum for this....

    Basically i need to display either a blank string or a value in a cell on a report if the value of a certain variable is a certain value.

    So i have two arrays (both of type INT)

    1.Cell Status[1..69]
    2.Cell Weight[1..69]

    if the Cell Status(x) is <> 0 then we need to display the cell weight.
    if the Cell Status(x) is = 0 then we need to display"-"

    Attached is what i have now that always displays the value of weight. Is it possible to do what i require?

    Clearly i can do this in the PLC and change the arrays to strings but that would involve re-engineering of allot of other screens....


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    Yes this can be done with the 'if' function.

    You would read out in on cell [A1] the value of the variable like you do already.
    Then use on a cell e.g. next to in [B1] the if function:

    The if(exprTest,valTrue,valFalse) function provides the content of valTrue (value or string), if the argument is exprTest TRUE, otherwise the content of valFalse. It is possible to nest if functions, for example by implementing and-links.

    Syntax: =if(A1=0,"-",A1)


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    Thanks for that, it is now working

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