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    Default Disable Element.....

    So if I was using i could just do

    btnLogin.Enabled = False

    This would grey out the button and not let the user click on it.

    Is there the possibility for this? I thought i could just put a rectangle over the top of the element in question with a 50% transparency and link its visibility to specific user level - this works but i can still click the button underneath the rectangle.... ;-)

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    Default Re: Disable Element.....

    So I have done this now with an button. Transparency set to 50%. Note - you have to link the button to a variable/function or it will still allow you to click the button underneath....

    Maybe there is a more elegant way?

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    Default AW: Disable Element.....


    when should this button be disabled?
    Why dont you use the interlocking/authorization level property of the button?


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