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Thread: Filters in Extended trends

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    Default Filters in Extended trends

    I have a project with an extended trend page, and the user can create and use filters. However, he wants for one specific filter to always be displayed when the screen is opened. Is there a way to call up a filter other than by the selection box? To do it with a function would be good, but I can't find a function that seems right.

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    Hi mjackson,

    You could just create a screen switch function to the extend trend screen that provides exactly the filter criteria that this operator wants to have available as a favorite and place it on a button in the screen. Or us a combo-box to call the function to provide multiple popular filters.

    Alternatively, you could also have a look at the screen profiles. This allows capturing screen positions and filter settings, and applying these at a later stage, either manually or automatically after a user logs in.

    Best regards,

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