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Thread: IEC 61850 Edition 2

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    Default IEC 61850 Edition 2

    Hello colleagues,

    Does zenon v7.11 support IEC61850 Edition 2?
    I need to integrate to HMI protection device which can use IEC61850 Edition 2 only.
    I tried to connect this device to zenon v7.10 (build 15292) and couldnít get reports, only polling.
    I wrote a log using Diagnosis Viewer and saw that HMI connected to reports (unbuffered) successfully but didnít try to disable polling. What may be a reason such behavior?

    Best regards,

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    iec850 driver supports most features introduced by Ed.2 already since the driver exists (the driver concept reflects the concept behind the Standard, not just an edition). Some new features (e.g. 'Service Tracking' or commands for ctlVal which are structures - have .f AND .i items) we introducing for 7.20 release.

    But your problem has probably nothing to do with Ed.1 or Ed.2. It seems rather that this device has an invalid RCB definition - that it uses in RCB the Data Set with daName items. Such DatSet definitions are maybe acceptable for GOOSE but not for Reports. A single Report must contain Value (e.g. stVal) with Time (t) and with Quality (q) - see part 850-7-2 of Standard. When a DataSet contains 3 FCDA elements each with daNames (data attribute) instead single FCDA element with whole doName (data object) then the device can send a Report with only one element - so e.g. only 'q' without time and value, or only value, only time etc.
    Such Report configuration is not valid, thus the driver skips DataSet items daName and still polles whole data objects (to have complete information stVal + q + t).

    What exactly writes the driver in LOG?

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    Hello ursulap

    Thank you very much for very fast reply.
    It seems that you are right. I looked to config.cid file from this device and found daName in Dataset configuration.

    I will continue test on next week. I will try to delete daName from DataSet definition.

    Unfortunately I didnít save log file because were not somethingís interesting in this log.
    I saw messages:
    - Trying to enable report report_name
    - Report enable successfully
    And after it
    - Send request to get varable variable_name

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: IEC 61850 Edition 2

    DataSet configuration
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails daName.png  

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    Default Re: IEC 61850 Edition 2

    Unfortunately some IED manufactures are still pre-configuring DataSets with daName (single FCDAs, instead FCD - whole objects) also in Reports; and not only for GOOSE. In GOOSE to limit traffic/PDU size this way maybe makes sense, in Reports - not at all. Report traffic on 'data change' is low anyway (especially in comparison with GOOSE) and with such setting the IED is not delivering time stamp of value. Then to have timestamps from IED you would have to use Integrity (periodical) reports instead 'on change'. And then the traffic is higher as with proper DataSets with FCD items - and similar like by use of only polling.

    Anyway - as there are manufactures using DataSets on FCDA and giving neither possibility to use dynamical data sets nor to easy update CID/ICD file to device - we decided to cut discussions and accept also data sets with single attributes. We are not recommending this as it may result in temporary data inconsistency.

    Since version 7.50 the iec850 driver is handling the received values from such reports too and does not poll it. It gives variable values then local timestamps; and - when reports are not delivering updates of q-attribute - the driver additionally (seldom) reads this value from IED (new setting 'scan').

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