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Thread: Zenon project protection from uploading

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    mattsd Gast

    Default Zenon project protection from uploading

    Just want to find the best way to keep my Zenon project secure.

    At the moment the source files are all on a PC and downloaded to the remote project on CE hardware.

    If the CE hardware is given to a client when the project is handed over, can the client upload the files (via zenon editor or copy from CE compact flash card), add another user will full access and download the project again therefore allowing them to have admin access and get into administrator pages that they should not be able to do.

    If this is possible, what security can I put in place to stop this.

    If the files that are downloaded to the remote CE device are complied files that can't be backwards engineered, then this will not be a problem.

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Zenon project protection from uploading


    The runtime files are compiled binary files, with encrypted user- and password information, which can not be restored as a new project in the editor. So normally this is safe enough.

    However if you would like to add even more security to your project, you could create your own pass-code by means of an interlocking with several variables. If all the variables contain the correct value (which you defined in the interlocking), only then the button for the settings / admin page is accessable. With three USINT variables from the internal driver, you already have over 16 million possibilities.

    Of course this can also be combined with the normal user administration.

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    mattsd Gast

    Default Re: Zenon project protection from uploading

    excellent - thanks for that Mark


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    mattsd Gast

    Default Re: Zenon project protection from uploading

    Just one more quick one, I want to be able to give users 'temporary' admin access (this would be on the phone if the project was the other side of the world) - this would be in a rare case if an instrument was faulty and they can then gain access to the "admin' area to disable the instrument.

    But I would like this password to be temporary. I can see 2 ways.

    1) Create some accounts that will be locked out after used once (not sure if this is possible as the lock out is only after 3 incorrect password entries)

    2) Use the interlock and make the key password equal to a calculation of the time/date (that the user can read off the main screen). As this is CE I can't use VBA, I cant see the CE time under system variables - I can display it but want it as a variable then can do a calculation and have a dynamic changing password for one off admin access.

    Would you suggest 2) as the best way and how do I create the current time /date as a system variable?

    Thanks for your continued helping me develop this application.



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    Default Re: Zenon project protection from uploading

    on Windows CE without VBA you need to apply some more tricks.

    Generally, a user can not have the property "login once". Also, there is no way to lock a user e.g. through a function.

    What you can do, is create an admin-user which is automatically logged in, if the correct number is entered by the user. This number for example could be valid for one day, or one hour.

    This can be done by creating a variable with two dyamic limits. The first limit (max) contains the "validation number" the second limit (max) contains the "validation number" +1. This way only the correct number logs in the admin user. You could add a delay to make it harder to guess the number.

    You can add an automatic logout of the admin user to the project, e.g. after a few minutes or a few hours.

    The calculation of this number, e.g. depending on the hour or the date would only be known to you, and could e.g. be done by straton. You would be able to provide the validation number to the customer which only works on the specific day it was provided, to log-in the admin user.

    I have attached a small demo-project, which calculates a validation number based on the current date, and a "secret" number in straton. (straton variable with initial value) Both the calculation and the "secret number" would only known by the person who created the project.

    Of course this is only an example. You can make the calculations as complex as you wish and add multiple codes. (4 of 5 codes in this project are dummy-codes, not used for the calculation)


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    mattsd Gast

    Default Re: Zenon project protection from uploading

    Thanks Mark, looking at the project now.



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