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Thread: Reading bit from word

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    Hello everybody.

    I'm not so sure if it's really dumb question, but I will ask anyway:

    Am I able to read and/or change single bit in whole which is external? I'd like to make status displays on words and visibility is based on value limits, not a single bit.... I could make it with combined element, but I have plenty of things to show from one word.... And it's hell of a work with combined element.

    But I can't imagine I couldn't refer to single bit in word....

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    Hello Kuki,

    No, this comes up quite often actually.I see you already found what the combined element can do. Similarly, there is a binary Reaction Matrix which offers similar functionality, but can also create alarms/events on individual bits or status buits of a word. Except, the combined element is created per screen object, the Reaction Matrix can be defined only once, and many variables can link to the same Reaction Matrix, as it is global in its use.

    The numeric Reaction matrix allows you to not analyze bits, but look at the value of the word and make reactions if it is =, >, <, between a range, or treat all value changes as limit violation (any change). Variable Limits also allow the analysis of the variable value.

    If you really want to read in individual bits of the word as their own variables:

    You can use zenon Logic with the "unpack" function block. However, please know that 1 word = 1 zenon tag used. If this is unpacked into 8 external variables addressed = 8 zenon tags used. Attached to this post is a zenon Logic export file.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails zenonLogic_unpack_FBD.png  

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    I have seen your post , my requirement is reverse of this , i have to combine 16 bool variables in to one 16 bit tag and i need to map to Process gateway , is there any method we can do this

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