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Thread: PLC Variables and Internal Variables

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    madphilly Gast

    Frage PLC Variables and Internal Variables


    I have a Mitsubishi Data Register variable that holds the value of a count, in an allocation I want to allocate this variable value to an Internal Variable, then later allocate it back. It doesn't seem to work!

    Both datatypes are INT.

    Is it possible to do what I am trying to do?

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    yes, normally this should be possible.

    Are you using an allocation for this? There are two types of allocations in zenon. Spontaneous allocations and triggered allocations. If the variable linked at the source changes, the variable at the target is written, and receives the timestamp of the change.

    If you have linked a trigger variable in addition to the source and target variable, the allocation is exectuded either when the trigger variable is "1" or alternatively on the edge.

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