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Thread: Zenon CE Runtime error

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    Hello All,

    I am trying to use Modus TCP driver in Zenon 7.10 to communicate with a PLC. After starting the Runtime it is always reported a message "zenNetSrv.exe: Module could not be loaded! (Last error 0x00000000) ". I wonder what does this message mean? Do I need to transfer some other files to the runtime device?

    Zhiyao Yin
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    I am not sure the exact reason for this error message, but maybe this information helps you to find the solution.

    The zenNetSrv is the zenon process that is responsible for the zenon runtime network communication (e.g. communication between server and standby server, server & client, etc.). That is TCP communication over Port 1100. Therefore, this process is normally running when you are starting a "Network Active" project. Should this be a network projects (Servers, clients, redundancy)?

    Are you using Windows CE? If you use Windows CE and this should be a network project, then the zennetsrv must also reside on the device. This is mentioned in the zenon Help: Manual -> Installation and updates -> zenon for Windows CE -> Manual installation and Runtime-update .


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