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    madphilly Gast

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    I'm trying to make a button invisible once it's been pressed and have created a boolean variable to link to the button. If my understanding is correct, if the variable is switched ON the button should disappear and the opposite if it's OFF.

    I have placed a function in a script that sends ON to the variable when the button is pressed, I want this to make the button invisible but I think I maybe misunderstanding the visibility/flashing property of the button.

    How can I achieve what I want?


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    Default Re: Button Visibility

    you can either set a range, where this element is visible (e.g from 0 to 0) by unchecking the option "take from limit"

    or retrieve the visibility property from the limit. (default)

    If you retrieve the visibility property from the limit, you might need to create a limit at the variable, or set at the "additional attributes" for the appropriate limit, the property "invisible".

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