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Thread: Timeseries data and SQL Server

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    nsko Gast

    Frage Timeseries data and SQL Server

    A question about zenon historical archiving performance using SQL Server.

    We expect to cyclically record approximately 200 values every 10 sec and up to 2000 values every minute. Can the zenon SQL Server handle this? With other SCADA systems we use a timeseries database, as PI or iHistorian, to store these values, but is this needed? If not, we might as well save the license.
    What do other customers do?
    We have no experience on zenon archiving performance; can anyone give me an idea or examples of how many tags the zenon SQL Server can handle?
    Any feedback appreciated, thanks.

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    The zenon SQL server sends the archive data to the database depending on the save cycle projected in the archive.
    E.g. if you have 2000 variables stored every 10 seconds and the archive is saved every minute the size of the archive file is ~380kB. The zenon SQL server has one minute to write 380kB of data into the database. I am very sure that this works perfectly without any additional tools.
    And if for any reason the connection to the SQL Server is not available zenon stores the archive data local temporary. If the connection is available again the data is written to the SQL Database.
    The maximum amount more or less is dependent of the hardware you are using. With the current available standard PCs you will meet no problems.

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    nsko Gast

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    Thank you, Markus.
    But anyway, do you know any customers that use timeseries databases together with zenon and how they interface?
    Is it correct that if alarms and events are transferred to the SQL Server and the binary files deleted, these historical alarms and events cannot be accessed from zenon?
    rgds, Niels

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