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Thread: OPC UA configuration

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    I am rather new to zenon and have a question about the configuration for zenon OPC UA server and client in runtime. What I want to do is to fetch variables from a runtime on another PC. I found out that I could do that by using Process Gateway OPC UA Server. However, in the configuration, I do not know what to write in the URL Discovery section. I am just doubtful about what I want to do so I am seeking guidance from the forum. I would appreciate any help that you could give me. Thanks



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    Hi Mehrdad,

    For sure this is possible using the zenon process gateway OPCUA server and OPCUA client driver.

    When your OPCUA process gateway is running on the other runtime system, you can use "opc.tcp://:" in the driver configuration of the OPCUA client driver in the editor.

    Click image for larger version

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    When your settings are complete, you can right click the driver and online import the variables that you need.

    But did you know, that with zenon an easy and fully integrated server / client mechanism exists? There is no explicit need to use the OPCUA process gateway / OPCUA client driver, if you want to display some values from another runtime.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for the reply. I will try it in the server configuration for OPC UA Server. I should say that I not only want to display variables on another machine, I also want to use them on the other machine. Nevertheless, could you elaborate on the integrated server/client mechanism on zenon itself?

    Thanks a lot.



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    Hi Mehrdad66,

    While the process itself and the mechanism behind it are very simple, it is not easy to describe in a few lines when you are still fairly new to zenon.

    If you already have two (existing) projects and want to use variable values from project "A" in project "B", but also other things like view alarms from project A on the computer running project B, you could create a third integration project that starts on computer B.

    You would start by making the project "A" a network project, through the setting of a checkbox and specifying the computer name that is currently running computer A. You would do the same for computer B.

    Then you would create your integration project and use drag&drop in the editor to create a hierarchy and move both project A and project B underneath the integration project.

    The integration project can be as simple as a single frame that is configured as "always on top" and a single screen, that allows an operator to jump into e.g. the start screen of project A and of project B.

    In this setup though, you could also directly use variables from project A in your project B, and vice versa. Or you could also create an alarm screen in the integration project to view alarms from either or both projects at the same time. You can do the same with trend screens to view archived or live data in a trend from both projects. Also it is possible to create a central historian in the integration project, using the variables from the sub-projects. Much more is possible in this setup and you can add redundancy if required.

    In the online help you can find more information in the chapter about the network.

    You may want to consider following a zenon basic training or a zenon supervisor training to learn more about the features in zenon and how these can be used to increase efficiency and improve design. You could also contact your local support to get further information regarding this specific subject.

    I hope at least these pointers have been helpful.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Mark!

    Thanks again for your quick replies and guidance. I have a question regarding OPC UA Server. I have created a server and the client driver on another machine has recognized the server but when I try to import variables from it, it says "Channel connection to <> failed: The hostname could not be resolved." As I understood, that's due to DNS' failure to respond during test. However, I think DNS is working fine on the server computer so I don't know where the problem is originating.

    Thanks again for all your help


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    Hi mehrdad66,

    Did you try using the IP address instead of the host name, on the OPC UA client side?

    Best regards,

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