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Thread: Licensing for Terminal Server

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    Default Licensing for Terminal Server

    I have a one wibu-key USB dongle for development, runtime, webserver, and all drivers for Energy Edition.
    If I register Zenon (7.11) as "Standard", license work as a charm.
    If insted I register Zenon as "Terminal Server" in the licensing tool it doesn't work anymore and I can use only the Demo mode.
    I took a look to the documentation but I couldn't find a solution. Do I need a "Network dongle"? What can I do to license my Server as "Terminal Server"? I can use the same dongle, can't I?

    Thank you

    Alberto Di Vittorio

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

    Default Re: Licensing for Terminal Server

    Hi Alberto,

    Yes, on the terminal server, you do need a network dongle with licenses booked for concurrent runtime users.

    And keep in mind, this is not possible for the development/zenon Editor.

    Are you using Microsoft Windows Server, with Remote Desktop Services? Are you sure that has been properly configured? A good test to check for a proper configuration, try to first see if a small standalone .exe application (notepad.exe) works via Remote Desktop Services.

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