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Thread: Multiple monitors on Vista

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    Default Multiple monitors on Vista

    Are there any special Vista specific settings for making zenOn runtime run correctly on a 2 monitor system? I've tried with a zenOn 6.22 project that is running on a 2-monitor Windows XP SP2 system without problems, but no luck in Vista so far. The settings for zenOn on both XP and Vista systems are completely the same (zenon.ini monitor related settings), project is the same, and I'm even using the same PC with 2 monitors.
    zenOn runtime in Vista displays only pictures on the primary monitor, nothing is displayed on the 2nd one.
    Graphical card I'm using is nVidia 7300 GT, with the latest nVidia drivers installed on both systems, having 2 monitors attached to its VGA and DVI ports. Both systems are configured to run in DualView mode. Btw, Aero is enabled in Vista, and its using Vista display driver model (WDDM).
    Any suggestions?

    Miodrag Stojadinovic
    SCA d.o.o.

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    there are no special settings needed for Windows Vista concerning the monitor administration.
    As I understand you Windows Vista operates on the same hardware as Windows XP does, with the same graphic card, am I right?

    Following requirements must be considered:
    In the zenOn6.ini the real monitor resolution has to be entered, so that the monitor administration works correctly in a multi-monitor system. The only exception is the WEB client. There these settings are not necessary.

    The following ini entries are necessary here:
    RT_CXMAINFRAME=2559 Width of the main window in pixels
    RT_CYMAINFRAME=1023 Height of the main window in pixels

    Please be aware, that the entries have to be one pixel less than the real monitor size, as counting here starts with 0. The numbers of the example above are the settings of a double-monitor system, where both monitors have a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels (width 2x1280-1=2559, height 1024-1=1023).

    If the values are higher than the really available area, it can happen, that nothing is displayed !

    If the Windows taskbar is fixed, nothing is displayed on the second monitor. This problem can be solved by automatically hiding the Windows taskbar or setting RT_CYMAINFRAME to values, that the taskbar is excluded, e.g. RT_CYMAINFRAME=973.
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    Lächeln Re: Multiple monitors on Vista

    Thanks for your help. There was only a problem with the taskbar, it was fixed. Once I made it autohide, it started to work as it should, displaying pictures on both monitors. It would never have crossed my mind that the task bar caused the problem!

    BR, Micko.

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