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Thread: Multiple selected math variables formula editing issue

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    Default Multiple selected math variables formula editing issue

    Hello, support team.

    I found one more thing in zenon that should be improved.

    If we have multiple similar math variables it would be nice to check them fast by selecting them all and then pressing Formula field to check them one by one.
    Now it works just as I sayd, but we can see only Mathematics window with X?? variables definition and their formula, but without any information which variable this window pointing on.

    It would be nice to have additional label or updated window caption to see name of goal math variable of Mathematics window.

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

    Default Re: Multiple selected math variables formula editing issue

    Hello stolyarov_as,

    Thank you for the suggestion to make the view/edit of multiple math variable more intuitive in zenon,

    I will certainly pass this suggestion on to be possibly considered for a future version release.

    But as a slight workaround, have you already tried an XML Export of the math variables? I have not tested it myself yet, but perhaps you can get to the formula information that way too?


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