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Thread: Password on SQL server2005

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    Default Password on SQL server2005

    I'm using SQLDRV to write data to a new DB in SQL 2005 and ADO to to read data.
    I want to setup a DSN (on the server and on WEB client) with mixed authentication mode and with an existant default user (ie sa), this to avoid, in case of hardware changes, to add a new user on SQL. Normally "sa" has password, but zenon installation probably password was changed. I don't want to change password because I don't know if zenon use this user, so my question is possible to know password of 'sa' user on SQL Server2005 (V6.21,V6.22)


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    we recommend installing a new SQL Server 2005 EE instance, if you plan to read and write data with the SQL driver. This to be indepenant of zenon editor projects and or future changes in the database being used by zenon.

    You can install a new SQL Server 2005 express edition instance parallel to the ZENON_DEV instance which zenon is using, by executing the setup from the zenon installation DVD.

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