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Thread: I want to know how can i read the values from ABB M2M ?

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    Default I want to know how can i read the values from ABB M2M ?

    Nice to meet you
    I'm working at the electric engineering company in Republic of Korea. So, Understand my poor english skills ~

    I want to know how i can read the values of ABB M2M. I will use the LAN port of M2M and the opposite side of LAN cable will be connected to PC. And I will use TCP/IP protocol as communication between PC and M2M. The Ping test was good.

    First, I want to know which one is suitable driver for TCP/IP protocol. I already tried to test the 'Modbus Energy driver' and 'Modbus RTU and Open Modbus TCP' driver. But I failed.
    Basically, I will import the variables from the driver. But I couldn't choose the import sub-menu in zenon.

    Second, I'm using the Modscan32 software to get the help. If I have to set the specific settings to communicate with M2M and PC, plz tell me know.
    ( I know that this forum is for COPADATA. T_T )

    I will wait for your response.
    Thank you !! ^_^
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    Default Re: I want to know how can i read the values from ABB M2M ?

    Welcome to the forum,

    Please read carefully the MB Energy and MB RTU and Open MB TCP drivers error check lists.

    Also note that the Net address of the MODRTU32 driver in some cases identifies the MB Slave unit ID (i.e. ABB M2M) so this parameter should be equal in the device and in the driver. Be advised that net address 0 it is reserved for broadcasting.

    On the MB Energy driver the Modbus Unit ID must match the slave ID always.

    I'm not a specialist in Modscan32, but there the net address is called Device Id and this also must match the device slave ID. The remaining configurations are related to the points addressing and should be straightforward to configure.

    Let us know after if you managed to establish the communication to the device.

    Good luck.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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