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Thread: Class poll for DNP3.0 process gateway

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    Default Class poll for DNP3.0 process gateway


    I need to define classes for DNP3.0 process gateway. So that the master station polls the data accordingly.

    I cannot find any procedure or manual to do so, can anyone help me with this matter.

    I am trying to send signals (digital and analog) to master station using DNP3.0 process gateway. Without the defination of polling classes I am facing delays.

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    Hi talal,

    The event classes are preconfigured in the DNP3 process gateway and currently this configuration cannot be changed.

    Unfortunately also the function "Assign class" is not supported at this stage by the DNP3 process gateway.

    A DNP3 master however is able to send read requests for class 1230 or 123 and will get the static and event data from the DNP3 process gateway.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Best regards,

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