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Thread: Zenon Science Package: Runtime problems

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    nickg Gast

    Unglücklich Zenon Science Package: Runtime problems

    When i'm trying to link variables from my Runtime to my zenon logic, none of those work.
    Button = My runtime screen freezes for 5 to 10 seconds.
    Slider = i can move the slider but it always resets to his zero point and always the red square in the right upper corner. (PIC1)
    Numeric Value = Always 0 and red square.

    My settings are normally correct so i think i'm missing something. In pic2 you can see my connection settings, it has the IP of my EV3 and also the same name like the zenon project. My slider is connected to my NewVar and so is that variable linked to my zenon science.
    I also got the 1.3 software on my EV3, also to mention my program works fine between zenon logic and my EV3 to change his variables.The only big problem is i cant use my runtime on the science package to use buttons or read variables and ...

    Best regards,
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    nickg Gast

    Default Re: Zenon Science Package: Runtime problems

    I fixed the problem by starting a new project and by copying my zenon straton program. its not the best solution to handle but it handled my problem.

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